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Why Hire Brian Longwell for your corporate event?

By Brian Longwell

Corporate entertainment
My 30 to 60 minute “presentation” gets serious laughs from managers and cube dwellers alike. It works best if they expect that they are going to get the usual motivational or inspirational talk filled with obvious points and lame jokes. Read some corporate reviews here
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I start out telling stories like any other speaker does, but when I turn on my overhead projector with my stick figure slides, they realize they have been had and are in for a ride.
Is there a point to my presentation? Yes. Your company has a sense of humor. Content is more important than form. Being inspired and motivated should not be the same as being delusional…except when it comes to hiring me.
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“In 5 years, you were the first speaker that everyone raved about. Great job. Very funny.” New York State Engineering Technology Association
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