About Brian Longwell


Keeping a corporate audience’s attention requires unique skills. Setting yourself on fire or using strippers can work, but both are frowned upon these days and considered “hack”. Since I spent many happy days in the corporate world – both as an annoying employee (“disruptive at meetings” said my last AT&T performance review) and as an annoying owner of my own company (Special Projects Group, Inc – “disruptive at meetings” said my employees… screw them). I have extensive experience with good meetings, bad meetings, self-indulgent memos, re-organization, office pranks, and walking out the door with my cardboard box of stuff because I want to do something else. I get the culture and can connect with the audiences, helping them release stress through laughter. My act can be 30-60 minutes and is great for all forms of corporate events. All. From conventions and conferences to meetings or team building exercises.

It is a well known fact that taking an energy refreshing break, like laughing for 30 mins will make your event not only more productive, but more memorable. My routine works best when the audience is expecting the same old motivational or possibly inspirational speaker offering lame jokes and selling their useless books.

I’m not what anyone expects, I’m not what anyone has seen. But they will leave this event and always remember it.