Performance Reviews

Corporate testimonials of Brian Longwell

You were a HUGE hit!

New Mexico Oil & Gas Association

“We were amazed that you could find humor in fiber optic systems. Very funny.”

Lucent Technologies

“In 5 years, you were the first speaker that everyone raved about. Great job. Very funny.”

New York State Engineering Technology Association

“This show is definitely for anyone who has ever worked in a very corporate setting. Brian is very dry and sarcastic, but he is very funny. His visual aids will stun you with it’s humorous simplicity.” Reviews

“I particularly enjoyed Brain Longwell, very dry, cynical and well, American.

Three Weeks

“Loved him to bits”

BBC Radio

“THIS is a sweet, smart show, by a sweet, smart man who cleverly uses reductio ad absurdum as his art form. … Longwell is cleverly, amiably, calculatedly amateur. He uses, to irresistible comic effect, an old-fashioned projector and a sheaf of wonderfully awful illustrative transparencies – lists, graphs, pie charts and little cartoons, drawn after the style of Purple Ronnie. … He makes marvellous sweeping generalisations, is given to surreal analogy and his Biggie Drill solution is giggle-makingly childlike. Longwell has an impressive line in self-deconstruction, which is both fresh and funny.”

Kate Copstick

“Every year I slip in a few shows that are different. This was certainly one of them. American Brian Longwell delivers a lecture where he explains US foreign policy, with the help of deliberately badly drawn overhead projector slides. Definitely unusual, definitely funny, and definitely good.”


“We’re going to use you for other events in the company. You were awesome.”

John Hancock Retirement Services

“With very funny overhead projector illustrations, this is a  sophisticated, thoroughly enjoyable, irony-filled, tongue-in-cheek antidote to all those American motivational speakers… See the show.”

Chortle UK Comedy Guide

“What the world needs more of are non-motivational speakers. Blokes in suits who tell you how to do it wrong every time, or how to cock up properly. Brian Longwell’s your chap with his primitive, hand drawn transparencies, and one-man brainstorming sessions.”

The List

“Using an amazing graphics system (hand-drawn stick people and a projector) he explains the various areas of America, the voting system, his life history moving around …   Look out for this man – he deserves a bigger stage from which to share his opinions with the world.”

Three Weeks

“Festival Top 10”

London Times

Longwell faces his audience with only his overhead projector and a few handmade slides to aid him, but manages to win the audience over immediately with his charisma and dry comedic style. … Longwell gets his point across with style and humour and does not rely on over-done Dubya-bashing. The show is universally funny but it was clear from the response of the audience that there were extra layers of humour for the Americans watching the show”
Matthew Straw

” …  Longwell does well to stand out from the crowd in this show. He uses an old-school overhead projector to great effect … A big job for one comic, but he does his best.”

Rebecca Thorpe