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When looking for corporate event entertainer ideas, Brian Longwell – with his faux presentation, rejection of Power Point, use of an overhead projector and stick figure drawings  – is the perfect candidate to lighten up the mood and put your meeting/event into another level.
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Brian Longwell – Corporate Comedian Event Entertainer

Most comedians learn their craft in the club/bar environment. And they become something of a product of that environment – they learn to make the people that attend those clubs to laugh.

I bring this up as it relates to the selection of comedians for corporate events. If your corporate event is for a largely blue collar crowd, you may want to avoid getting a comedian that’s too “smartypants” – the audience could get turned off by their jokes about how they never paid off their college loan for their useless Italian Literature degree.  On the other hand, if it’s a group of PHDs, smartypants is probably the best bet.

Another overlooked thing when it comes to selecting comedians for corporate events has to do with how the comedians material works for a group where most don’t know each other versus a group that does. In a typical comedy club, only groups of 2-4 people know each other, everyone else are strangers. At a corporate event, most people could know each other. What I’ve observed is that the group of strangers are more receptive to hearing the comedian talk about personal things – the audience seems to be interested in getting to know the comedian.

When the audience all know each other and the comedian is the outsider (think of a wedding – one of the worst kinds of gig a comedian can walk into) the audience is less receptive to hearing about the comedians day. Who at a wedding wants to listen to some stranger that doesn’t know anyone in the room get up and talking about breaking up with their girlfriend/boyfriend? Not that your corporate event will be like a wedding, but think about whether your group will want to hear about the topics the comedian plans to cover in the context of your event.

I split my time between Boston and San Francisco, so events outside of those areas will involve travel expenses.

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“Thanks for your excellent presentation in San Francisco. After successfully selling the group the serious-motivational-speaker persona, you then slayed them.”

RGA Technology Partners

“We were rolling on the floor with laughter!”

Franklin Medical Center

“You killed! What a fantastic presentation, …HUGE points, Brian. Thank you, again, so much”

Rockingham Community Action

“Thanks so much for your hilarious presentation last week at the Harvard Club. As you could tell, the crowd enjoyed it very much. I got lots of good feedback. It was a great ending to a long day.”

ING Investments

“What the world needs more of are non-motivational speakers. Blokes in suits who tell you how to do it wrong every time, or how to cock up properly. Brian Longwell’s your chap with his primitive, hand drawn transparencies, and one-man brainstorming sessions.”

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