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Clean Corporate Event Entertainer

When looking for a corporate event entertainer, Brian Longwell – with his faux presentation, rejection of Power Point, use of an overhead projector and stick figure drawings  – is the perfect candidate to lighten up the mood and put your meeting/event into another level.
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Brian Longwell – Clean Corporate Event Entertainer


Congratulations! You’ve been given the job of finding a comedian for your company/group/organization event. The last person to do this either lost their job or has been demoted to ordering t-shirts. That’s why management is stressing you to get a “CLEAN corporate comedian” – because the last one acted as though the 3pm slot after the presentation on “Improving Task Force Effectiveness – Summary of the findings of the ITFE Task Force” was no different then the 11pm Friday night slot at the local Comedy Toilet Yukkity-Yuk Comedy Club. So CLEAN corporate comedian.

First thing, what is clean? I have a 30 year old daughter and a 15 year old stepson. Their respective ideas on what is clean is very different, especially when you have the 15 year old clean a bathroom.

For some, clean is the omission of certain words. This works for some corporate events. This depends on the make up of your group, the time of day, the setting, and other context. This would be like a bathroom where the toilet seat is clean enough to sit on.

3 pm slot after the task force report? Probably want that not only free of those certain words, but topics often associated with those words.

What about after dinner, open bar and a DJ to follow? Probably can push it a little, but still need to omit that short list of words. These are clean like a good hotel bathroom midday.

There’s also squeaky clean. If you got a lot of conservative/religious people or very politically correct folks (funny how people are basically the same in the extremes) then you’ve got to be more careful finding a good fit. And be funny. This kind of clean is like a bathroom with no toilet in it at all.

I split my time between Boston and San Francisco, so events outside of those areas will involve travel expenses.

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“Thanks for your excellent presentation in San Francisco. After successfully selling the group the serious-motivational-speaker persona, you then slayed them.”

RGA Technology Partners

“We were rolling on the floor with laughter!”

Franklin Medical Center

“You killed! What a fantastic presentation, …HUGE points, Brian. Thank you, again, so much”

Rockingham Community Action

“Thanks so much for your hilarious presentation last week at the Harvard Club. As you could tell, the crowd enjoyed it very much. I got lots of good feedback. It was a great ending to a long day.”

ING Investments

“What the world needs more of are non-motivational speakers. Blokes in suits who tell you how to do it wrong every time, or how to cock up properly. Brian Longwell’s your chap with his primitive, hand drawn transparencies, and one-man brainstorming sessions.”

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